Goldbits Statistics

Coins in Circulation: 2,000 Test Coins
Coins Pre-Mined: 30,000,000,000
Gold in Vault (kg): 2.0
Goldbit Unit 1 g of Gold
Gold Format 1kg 999.9 fine LBMA bars

Live Gold Storage Room

Reykjavik, Iceland
Live Gold Storage Room
1:18 AM Sun, Nov 23, 2014

Gold Prices

Gold price Goldbit price (GBT)
BTC/g .0837 ***

How It Works

Goldbits is a secure digital payment technology that connects buyers and sellers with cryptographically secure and decentralized transactions. This means you can easily send or receive Goldbits using the Internet. Based on popular open source payment technologies, there is exactly 1 gram of 999.9 pure gold in the vault for each Goldbit test coin currently in circulation. We will be enhancing the technology to improve its security, usability, and reliability, and will include these enhancements in our future wallets. Right now, we are testing the technology with 2,000 coins and you are welcome to participate! Using Goldbits is easy. Just download the wallet, send us your public key, and we will send you coins. Then you do the same with friends that you'll send them to. Coins are not currently for sale, but it's possible they will become so in the future.


    Goldbits will soon be available to buy, sell or trade on leading exchanges. Using your wallet, you will also be able to exchange it with friends or use it as a form of payment with merchants.


    Goldbits offers private and secure communications (including chat) with every digital payment transaction. Plus, because our network is distributed, we are more resistant to various computerized attacks. Our communications to trusted nodes occurs via Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you wish to become a trusted node, and help validate payments and get paid to do so, please contact us.
  • The Opportunity

    The Opportunity

    Digital payment technology is still in its infancy. To be useful in the real world, it needs to reach every consumer and become mainstream. Therefore, it must be easier to use, more stable, and more secure.
  • The Technology Team

    The Technology Team

    Goldbits is operated by the team at Unseen, ehf, a private company that specializes in secure communications and payment services, based in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • How to Get Goldbits

    How to Get Goldbits

    Email us the public key from your Goldbits wallet at and we will send you a test coin. In the future, you will be able to buy and sell Goldbits on leading exchanges. For now, the quantity is strictly limited to 2,000 test coins, so act now if you want to test Goldbits. We do not sell Goldbits directly.
  • Partners


    We expect Goldbits will soon be available to buy, sell, or trade on leading exchanges. We provide the software and technology services that work directly with licensed Money Service Businesses, including banks, insurance, and other financial institutions. We also provide the wallets used by the public. If your organization wishes to partner, please contact us.
  • A Store of Value

    A Store of Value

    Goldbits have many uses and possibilities for consumers, merchants, and financial services institutions. Assets make possible stability and the storage of value. When a variety of payment systems are available, people can choose what's best for them.
  • Features


    There are four core features to our secure digital payment system -- the ledger, payment system, security, and wallets. Specifically, (1) a distributed and transparent digital ledger (or blockchain) that is based on popular open source technologies, (2) a flexible digital payment system, (3) secure communications for every message and transaction, and (4) digital wallets enhanced with our security.